Robert Silverman. Pianist.
Robert Silverman. Pianist.

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Live at the Chan  (Sold out)

Live at the Chan (Sold out)

Music of Beethoven, Schumann, Liszt and Chopin

Orpheum Masters KSP880

Recorded live on January 19, 2003 at Vancouver's Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, this CD reflects the work of a master at the height of his musical and pianistic powers. The concert, the first of a series celebrating the renowned pianist's thirtieth and final season as a full time faculty member at the University of British Columbia, featured Silverman in two of the 19th century's most monumental works for piano, each dedicated to the composer of the other.

Please note: This album is now completely sold out.


Nimm sie denn, diese Lieder

Fantasy in C Major, Op. 17

Sonata in B Minor

Nocturne in D flat, Op. 27/2


"Silverman's Fantasy in absolutely gorgeous. It is a true cry of the heart in the richest imaginable lush sound of any recorded performance I've ever heard. The secret to Silverman's performance is that he takes his time and probes every nuance of this masterpiece. Silverman need make no concessions to any of the major recordings of the Liszt sonata. (He) summons enormous resources of sound while maintaining his plummy but powerful tone. And what clean octaves conclusde this masterpiece.. One of the freshest performances of both the Schumann and Liszt works I can remember."
...Fanfare (May-June 2004)

"It is evident within the first few moments of the Schumann that this is a pianist who thinks big. His conception of piano sound is manifestly orchestral, and his approach to the music can aptly be-described as symphonic, being plainly concerned with the large-scale integration of disparate thematic material over very long spans. These are masterly performances which admirably fulfill the artist's conception."
...Piano, Nov-Dec 2003

"This all-romantic recording. . . evokes the 19th century's tumultuous wonder. Silverman captures the Schumann Fantasy's intensity minus the hysteria, smoothly arriving at subtler aspects of the score without grinding gears, and ultimately providing a rounded, captivating performance. Equally diabolic intelligence is evident in the Liszt Sonata In B minor... [the piece] becomes suave and deadly in Silverman's hands. His authoritative touch becomes glittering and genteel on command, rendering every musical gesture distinct and subtly additive."
...John Keillor, Georgia Strait

"His large, rich tone, palette of colours, passion, and a probing mind all meet on common ground. And the recorded sound nicely captures, not only his tone, but also the sense of event that the recital obviously was. Five Stars out of Five!!"
...Rick Phillips, Sound Advice (CBC)

"Silverman never takes baby steps. His Beethoven was a grand gesture, performed not only on the 10 CDs, but in stamina-busting live series in Toronto, Seattle, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and shortly, Washington DC (beg, borrow or steal a ticket, Washingtonians). This new release follows that same philosophy. To say that Silverman understands the ethos of the Romantic spirit would be an understatement. These huge works demand the ultimate in musicianship and technique. Silverman has both in spades. Whether the pounding octaves of the Liszt Sonata 's main theme or the absolute delicacy of Schumann's gentle odes to a hidden Clara, both extremes are thrilling and moving.

The recording, engineered by Don Harder, is typical of Silverman's continuing service to audiophiles. Yes, the music is served with aplomb, but the piano, notoriously difficult to record well, sounds fantastic here. Silverman's Steinway is front and centre. The bass notes thunder and the upper registers are bell-like in quality. Beautiful. Many 'Live', 'Special Event' recordings fizzle, the discs banished to the back of the collection. Not this one! This very special CD will be pride of place for some time. Highly recommended."
...Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia

"This CD is a real treasure. Silverman performs two of the greatest and most difficult pieces of Romantic piano literature and does so with not only incredible technical prowess, but more—with a profound understanding of the delicate soul and temperament of this music. Silverman's real gift is in how he paints all the fine details of the piece and hands them to you like beautiful hors d'oeuvres, masterfully sculpted; each subtle and delicious and provocative. (His) ability to bring out lines and flavors and motives and delectations you never knew were in a piece—-and make them glimmer like rays of sunshine—-makes listening to his music wonderful and enchanting. It is a remarkable achievement."
...Michael Silver,