Robert Silverman. Pianist.
Robert Silverman. Pianist.

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Sonata: Liszt Sonata in B Minor

Sonata: Liszt Sonata in B Minor

Piano works by Franz Liszt

Stereophile STPH008-2


Sonata in B Minor
Vallée d'Obermann, Orage (from Années de Pélerinage)
La lugubre gondola I and II


"In this magisterial recording nothing seems rushed, dragged, or arbitrary. Every note has its place within the architectural scheme of things. Time and time again I found myself perking up and taking notice in delicious anticipation of what Silverman was about to play because his version projects such a sense of inevitability...Silverman's glisteningly clean staccato passage work recalls the legendary 1932 EMI/Angel recording by Vladimir Horowitz."
...Toronto Globe And Mail

"Robert Silverman has been superbly recorded here. He has a grand style--a big technique and a swashbuckling uncomplicated approach to the B Minor Sonata, which pours forth with sonorous tone, impressively biting octave work and, when required, a generous lyricism. This is an exciting performance. The Lugubre gondolas are projected with eerie intensity, the ...vignettes from Années de Pélerinage are set forth with sonorous colors, poetic atmosphere, and more than a modicum of urgency."
...Harris Goldsmith, Piano and Keyboard

"A fine technique, a lovely sound, a strong pianist. The recorded sound is wonderful, and program notes unusually informative"
...Harold Schonberg, American Record Guide